Latent semantic Indexing (LSI)  is a process of extracting related words or information from your website content. This is very interesting topic in Information Retrieval (IR) System. Top search engines works on the latent semantic indexing (LSI) based.

LSI is a methodology involving statistical probability & correlation that helps deducing the semantic distance between words. It is obviously a complex methodology but can be easily applied to understand the relation between certain words in a paragraph or in a document. This methodology is being used while indexing a page in the search engine's database.

Lexical indexing is completely based on Lexical analysis. Lexical analysis is the processing of an input which can be a form of sequence of characters which will be produce as output. A sequence of characters or symbols called as lexical tokens. A lexical analyzer will be divided into two stages. First stage is known as a scanner and second stage is known as an evaluator. 

The Latent Semantic Indexing is depending on these two states. LSI based search engine optimization is much more complex in comparison to normal search engine optimization. The search engine ranking for a particular website will have to pass several processes in the latent semantic indexing based search engine optimization. This process will contain the occurrence of a keyword in a document and the close relationship with the other words of the document, flavor of your website content.

If you're searching in a Latent semantic indexing (LSI) indexed database then the search engine looks at similar values it has calculated for every synonyms word and returns the best matched website that will be the best fit to the query. Because latent semantic indexing does not require exact matching words for ranking result.

For LSI based Search Engine Optimization we go through following process:

  • Categorization of the documents
  • Contextual Explanation from the lexical similar words
  • Conceptual Comparison
  • Cross-Lingual Text Analysis
  • Content Relationship Discovery
  • Document Summarization
  • Taxonomy Generation
For LSI Search Engine Optimization, just go through this link to fill the

In search engine optimization, Content is always considered as a King. A fresh and relevant content will always work in keyword ranking benefits and website positioning in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. This process starts from the keyword analysis and research for website marketing includes the targeted keywords and business oriented key phrases that are likely to produce visitors or clients for a particular website.

We here at Powered India SEO Company SEO Services providing you the best and effective content writing and content optimization for your website which includes accurate keyword density and relevancy with Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) including relations between terms concerned with issues of synonymy and polysemy.

Content Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making web pages that can make better organic positioning in search engine results.

For a website, it is only the content which describes about its products, market values and testimonials. Valuable content can make the impression to visitors and can help to make a lead through website.


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