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Business Leads Generation

PoweredIndia Technology can provide your company with Lead Generation Services that provide you with qualified prospects that will increase your company's sales force productivity.Online Lead Generation Services. Converting qualified opportunities into the profitable sales. Highly qualified leads mean more sales and better business.

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We specialise in one thing – getting you the high-quality B2B, B2C sales leads that turn into sales. As an advertising and marketing agency, we offer creative marketing services which include interactive web services, search marketing services (SEO Services), social media marketing, event marketing  & email marketing services.
Powered India Technology offers the careful optimisation of websites to effectively increase qualified Lead Generation the visibility in the major search engines.

Up to 50% reduction in costs and faster turnaround times.

Budget Crunch / Less Can Be More

See how we can help you achieve marketing objectives in a world of smaller budgets and teams.

Marketing On-Demand

You Can Have It All - Fixed budgets. Complete flexibility. Comprehensive service portfolio. Significant savings. What’s not to like in our Marketing On-Demand model.

Inbound Marketing

Yes, They Do Come! Fruitful engagement with your audience is the key to inbound marketing and social media success. Tangence’s innovative programs can get you there faster.

Talk to out experts to understand how we can develop a world-class lead generation campaign for your business.


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