Lead Management System

We offer "fully managed" mailing solutions that encompass management of mailing system, online virus blocking & spam protection and streamlining of business communication process.

Now make sure that not even a single lead coming to your website goes unnoticed. It could be as quick as an SMS being shot within seconds to the dealer nearest to the customer who just filled an enquiry form on your website looking for a dealer in his area, to an auto responder message being emailed to a user who just brought a product through your website. The applications developed at Magnon make sure that your valuable customers wait no longer before they hear from you & that you have all your customer information well in time & organized efficiently for the best sales management.

Lead Management System

Since our inception, we have been offering business enhancement solutions for generating high quality business enquiries. To ensure that suppliers have higher conversion rates, we have developed an effective lead management system (LMS). 

The LMS automatically organizes all incoming mails and maintains a threaded history of the entire communication. The users have the facility to set the schedule for follow-up. They can compose mails with pre-defined content and use it for regular responses. The users can also feed offline leads received from any other source like phone etc. and maintain a complete history of communication.

LMS also generates useful MIS reports that assist individual users to measure the effectiveness of their responses and gives the administrator a complete overview of what is happening at the lead management front in the organization.


The critical connectivity between Lead Management & Sales management helps in attaining business profitability through the acquisition of new customers, re-selling to existing customers & creating a market brand.

The Lead Management applications developed by Powered India SEO Company have the following key features & benefits:

Centralized Data Collection with comprehensive databases
Quick access to information
Low Cost
Efficient lead capture forms
Automated Reports
No loss of important data due to salesperson turnover
Ability to filter data based on different parameters
Global access to data
Different sales tasks can happen remotely
No need to install any further software as it is a browser based application
Benefit from coupling with SMS Gateways, auto responders etc.

Therefore, our applications create a structured mechanism for managing volumes of business inquiries & other critical customer data. You can be rest assured that we would take care of the technological aspects of the whole sales process, right from acquiring the lead to re-selling to your existing customers.


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